Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hello Everyone.. Long Time No blog!!!

Ive had that many health and computer problems its been Unreal!!!!

Im BACK!!!!!!

I have been trying to craft in between trying to sort things out .. Ive been Knitting!!! Well, if you knew me .. Knitting is not an easy task!!!..

But I managed to knit loads of baby items for my friend Who Had her beautiful Baby Sophie on the 5th March!!! Yes Ive been "All Loved up"...ha ha... 

I have even knitted myself a beautiful scarf !!!

Its a pattern from a free Web site!! Called Pattern is called "Flutter by" for obvious reasons... It Flutters!!! Ha ha... I chose a wool from my "stash" That had a Silver thread all the way through To add a Bit of Glitz!! and you know me with Glitz!!

Ive now Moved on to attempting A Poncho!!! From the same Free web Knitting Patterns... 

I even added some pretty Knitted Flowers To use Left over wool!! I hate waste so much So Im glad to use it!!

At the min I cant upload any photo's so thats another bit I HAVE to fix!! GRrr

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