Monday, 26 September 2011


Lloyd before and after his "pampering" this morning.. He's been washed dried clipped Nails cut and filed, Teeth brushed The works!!! The Bloke said that he was Excellent.. Brilliantly behaved..

Here's Before and After pics


Friday, 9 September 2011

New Addition!!!

Well, we now have a New Addition to Our Family!!! Dont know if its a boy or a girl yet... as its too young to tell! We have called it "BASSETT" because we think its SWEET.... excuse the pun... at present its only 8 weeks old! At first we was going to call it Stripe But Now its here Bassett Is much better suited

My New work of Art

Copied from Alysha on the Trimcrafts forum ... I think this can relate to ALL crafters and think its Brilliant

I got up this morning, but haven't yet dressed
My dishes aren't done, and the house is a mess
Have not done my work, or fed the cat
Just on line for a second, and popped into chat!
There’s so much to say, so much crafting to do
I'm sitting here now with glitter, scissors and glue
But O’Dear me, I’m finding it hard
When all I need is to make my next card.....
I know tomorrow, I'll make a fresh start...........
Just you wait till you see My New Work of Art!!!!!!