Friday, 20 May 2011

Wrist Bands

Here are some of the Wrist Bands made by my O/H... They are made out of coloured para-cord, He likes making them and they only take a few minutes to make

My Buzzy Bee

My Grandaughter needed to have a Bee costume ysterday for school So this is whatwe came up with! I told her shes not just a Buzzy Bee She's the Queen Buzzy Bee... after all I am biased

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Will Be Back Soon

I have not posted anything for a few days soo.... please bear with me a while longer as Im not too well at the minute... Hope to be back on form soon..... with more of my "crafting" things I have made...

Im finding the hardest part of not being to well at the minute is that I have just got Lots of new crafting goodies to use and am "Itching" to get stuck in........ Mean While.... Even though I cant get into my craft room to do any work... I followed a tutorial on  By Maxine On how to do paper Roses... Willl now admit that Ive got No excuse now for running out of Roses to put on my crafting items!!! So Im "stockpilling" while I can..... Please do take a look at the tutorials There GREAT!!! Ican hardley contain myself as I want to follow another Tutorial by Roz on doing a Box Easel card.... Hers Look so Fabulous........

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Using up Scraps Its Fun......

Last week I rediscoverd a mouse that I used to make out of felt to keep my children amused in the days pre computers and gizmo's, So Me being me.... Converted my hand drawn sewing pattern and Created it into a file to cut on my Craft Robo...... My one mouse soon became loads of mice! Typical behavier from Real mice!!!

I thought they could also be used as Fun Table decorations and also be used as Place settings

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mini No Glue Box Tutorial

For my use I work in inches….

 Small box  NO GLUE!!! Overall finished size 1 ½ inch square by ¾ inch deep

Uses :          Ear-Rings, Rings, Single chocolates, small gifts etc

Materials:  2 4x4 inch co-ordinating pieces of paper, sharp scissors, Bone folder,
Optional (scrap of thin Ribbon  a flower  Small piece of wadding  (for my purpose I use Fish Tank filter wool))


  1. Take the piece of paper to be used as the bottom of the box (If patterned) Pattern side down

2.Take one corner and place to opposite side and pinch in the centre Unfold

3,Take other corner and repeat step 2 Unfold  You should now see a small cross like mark in the centre of the paper

4.Take one of the corners and fold to centre mark making triangle shapes in the centre

5.Repeat with other 3 corners  You are left with a smaller size looking square

6.Take the Bottom edge of the folded square and Fold up to the centre

7.Turn to opposite side and repeat  - Unfold both sides to step 5

8.Repeat step 6 & 7 to the sides of the square Unfold to step 5

    9.Take the sharp scissors and cut along the vertical Fold mark at bottom right of square to the Horizontal fold line

10. Cut along the Vertical fold line to Horizontal fold line on the bottom Left of the square
11. Turn paper around and repeat steps 8 & 10
12.Unfold all cut edges

13. Open centre “triangle shape” and Pull in Both cut sides and Re-fold  the Bottom piece over the sides

14. Repeat with Opposite side


Voila!!!! A box base !!!

Repeat with the other 4 x 4 square to make the lid The Top will stretch slightly to fit the bottom…..

Dress Top of Box as desired