Thursday, 27 October 2011

Thank you

Must be the season for me to make Thank You cards I cut this on my robo Then took ages to thread the Ribbon through the slots.. Then sewn beads on to the card after Id chased them all around my craft desk ha ha ... Ive now came across a "tool" to help me thread Ribbon with my chubby swollen fingers much easier its called a "Bodkin" Dont you just love that name!!!! wonder who thought of that?


  1. Love it this is stunning
    Sandra x

  2. this is different, every so nice and detailed

  3. gorgeous cards tazzy,i love all the pretty details
    lovely work
    tracey x

  4. Aww Thank you everyone It turned out better than I thought after I chased all the beads around my table before I sewn them on lol..

  5. That is so delicate - lovely.


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