Friday, 14 October 2011

My Daughters Birthday

Well today Is one of my Beautiful daughters Birthday... Where does the years go?... It only seems not long ago she was a Babe in my arms And now she has two children of her Own!! My Mum was with me and Delivered Jay into the world 24 years ago as the ambulance got lost on its way to me.... I only wish that my Mum was still  with us today to help Jay celebrate her Birthday She will be in Spirit Im sure.....

I decide that this year I was going to make Jay her First kind of Grown up card! Ive always done a humorous one before for her .. so Im hoping that she likes it!  I had to make a little bag to put it in as the flower embellishments I made are quite fat on the Easel card I done


  1. fab card tazzy i bet your daughter loved it,your blog looks fab too
    i am now a follower
    tracey x

  2. Beautiful card Tazzy i'm sure your daughter will love it x
    Sandra x

  3. Such a lovely card, so like the flowers


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