Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Some News!!

Just a quick post to say Ive finally had my visit from the OT person.... and they tested my "compos-mentos" etc weighed me (Oh Dear Am I really THAT!!!!!) Took my height etc to see if I was compatible to use an EV (Mobility Scooter) and to see what one is best for me.................. and YES I AM!!!! Im sooooooooooooooo Happpppppppy

Had to learn to Ride one and thats not Rocket science!!!
Just got to wait again now for MY Mobility Scooter to be delivered !!!! I can hardly wait any longer.. Its going to Give me part of my life back!!!! A part thats been missing for almost 3 years now..... WHOOOOPPPPEEEEEE........ How Great is this.... Think its going to be scarry out on my own after this length of time.... But going to be No stopping me ... once it comes... The "patience of a saint I have not and Im certainly NO SAINT!!!!!

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