Friday, 5 August 2011

Lost my Password Sorry

It Has been an "age" since I last posted on here... so much has happened in the last few months ... But Ive got to share my news with you all.. Tonight we are having a "New Addition" to my family ... Im so excited!!! His Name is Lloyd... He is almost 2 years old.... He is a Bichon-fise... Ive never owned a Full pedigree dog in my life!!! so things must be starting to look up! We are getting him from Pre-loved pets as his current owner can no longer keep him as her landlord has introduced a No Pets Policy!! So He is coming to us... There wont be much space for my husband to sleep in the bed tonight lol... so Frank can sleep on the sofa lol....What do you think of him?


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  1. Oh dear that took me a while to remember how to put a picture on ........


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