Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Mini No Glue Box Tutorial

For my use I work in inches….

 Small box  NO GLUE!!! Overall finished size 1 ½ inch square by ¾ inch deep

Uses :          Ear-Rings, Rings, Single chocolates, small gifts etc

Materials:  2 4x4 inch co-ordinating pieces of paper, sharp scissors, Bone folder,
Optional (scrap of thin Ribbon  a flower  Small piece of wadding  (for my purpose I use Fish Tank filter wool))


  1. Take the piece of paper to be used as the bottom of the box (If patterned) Pattern side down

2.Take one corner and place to opposite side and pinch in the centre Unfold

3,Take other corner and repeat step 2 Unfold  You should now see a small cross like mark in the centre of the paper

4.Take one of the corners and fold to centre mark making triangle shapes in the centre

5.Repeat with other 3 corners  You are left with a smaller size looking square

6.Take the Bottom edge of the folded square and Fold up to the centre

7.Turn to opposite side and repeat  - Unfold both sides to step 5

8.Repeat step 6 & 7 to the sides of the square Unfold to step 5

    9.Take the sharp scissors and cut along the vertical Fold mark at bottom right of square to the Horizontal fold line

10. Cut along the Vertical fold line to Horizontal fold line on the bottom Left of the square
11. Turn paper around and repeat steps 8 & 10
12.Unfold all cut edges

13. Open centre “triangle shape” and Pull in Both cut sides and Re-fold  the Bottom piece over the sides

14. Repeat with Opposite side


Voila!!!! A box base !!!

Repeat with the other 4 x 4 square to make the lid The Top will stretch slightly to fit the bottom…..

Dress Top of Box as desired


  1. 1st follower and 1st comment

    well done this tutorial is brill so clear too...here's to many more

    Enjoy blogland

    Sylvia (craftyandmad) xx

  2. fabulous Tutorial well done and congrats on your new blog. All you nee dot do now is to upload the sam eto Trimmie :) :)
    hugs rozzy xx

  3. Good for you. Now comes the hard part, keeping it updated :) :) xx Doreen

  4. Hi a great tutorial nice and clear to follow, welcome to blog land x

  5. great little box hun, i made one of those a couple years back but completely forgot how to lol xxx


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