Saturday, 15 June 2013


Here You all go, I haven't totally abandoned you all.. So sorry Im still having so much problems with this laptop!! Grrrr I feel like throwing it out the window!!! It just wont let me Up load any photo's what so ever!!! GRRRRRR it starts to and goes through all the motions only to stop loading anything at 87%!!! Its Just LAUGHING at me ......

But Im just letting you all know what Ive been up to...... Im still Crafting... Im still in Daily Pain.. (as the last Op Didnt work..) .. But I have been Learning Very S-L-O-W-L-Y A Whole NEW Craft To Me!!!  ......... KUMIHIMO

 (Pronounced COO-ME-HE-MO)

And Im LOVING it!!!! 

It is Truly Sensational!!!! The More I read And see What can be made!!! Its Just Mind Blowing!!! My only downside is That I have to guess at sizes of Kumihimo Stash!! But I did say IM LEARNING ha ha ... And The New STASH takes so long to come as I DONT have a Bottomless BANK ACCOUNT!!! I just wish I could Find a local supplier..... 
Let Me See If I can Paste A Borrowed Image From Marisol Suarez To Kinda give you an idea of What its likeThisis Just A Basic 8 thread Cord.. But You can do more and much more complex!! Ive Been Threading Single Seed Beads onto Cords.. And Weaving them too!! The Results is ASTOUNDING!!!! I so wish I could Share you a photo!!! 


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